• Ashley Monique Menard

✨Today is a day to be grateful.✨

Be kind to people but start with yourself. Are you being kind to yourself?

We all have personal challenges that stop us from growing...

...but the one thing that can help us grown is out gratitude for our life. It’s scientifically proven that expressing gratitude brings more to be grateful for to you. ⭐️

I know your thinking “Duh Ashley. So what. 2020 sucks. What’s the point.? I’m single and lonely and will never meet anyone. Plus, There’s rasism, a pandemic and a shift in the world. People can’t get a fair shot at life. How can I be grateful? What’s the point?”

Well, I have been thinking a lot about all those things and I’ll tell ya what.

It’s makes my nerves frazzled.

My depression deep and my anxiety vast.

It makes me skittish and hate everyone one second then pray for a friend in the next breath.

I don’t have the answers to fix the world. Because it’s not in my control. But what is in my control is how I see the world. How I handle my emotions and who I surround myself with. It all starts with you. So take care of yourself. Love yourself. Nourish yourself.

I’ll tell what always puts me in a better mood. Taking inventory of my blessing. Counting my joys and blessings makes me appreciate them more and makes the neurons in my brain go into a different state. It literally puts you in a better mood. Don’t believe me?

Try. Write down

I am grateful for....

3 times.

But really think of what you are grateful for. What blessings are in your life?

Let me know in the comments.

You are capable of all the joys you want in life. You just have to believe it so you can manifest it. I believe in you. You can do it.

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