• Ashley Monique Menard

You can't be FAT and wear a bikini?!

SYKE! I am totally kidding. Look girlfriend, if you want to wear a bikini then you pick one up and put it on your body!

When I was a kid I was fat. I never had a bikini. My mom made disapproving looks every time I put my one piece on. I realize now that she looked at me and judged me because of her own BS in her head. No one cared what I wore. But, I was a reflection of her then and she had to make sure her little nugget wasn't getting made fun of. The idea of me wearing a bikini seemed impossible to little Ashley.

Flash forward to 5 years ago. I put on my very first bikini from Lane Bryant and it all changed for me! That was a wrap! I am hooked on bikinis because I love my body. I may have gained a few from Quarantine but the fat that I wished I could cut off with scissors as a child has been replaced in my head as the thighs that don't quit.

My cellulite which I used to hate is replaced with adorable dimples.

My goal in life is to be strong and the only way to accomplish that is to work out. I cycle 3 days a week and walk 3 days a week. This is not only to keep my body strong but also to give me highs in the week. I want those endorphins So I work out.

But the point is I am not waiting for a quote un quote perfect body to be able to then think it's appropriate for me to wear a bikini. We live in the now. The body you have right now needs to be loved and if you don't do that you will end up sabotaging and binging even more. I have been there and still struggle with it. A lot of us do. But, that's a whole 'nother blog post.

You are magical and so is your body.

Be strong

Celebrate yourself and love your body. Everyday. At every pound and in every day.

Lots of Love,


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