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Birthdays can be tough for everyone, but Beth is having a particularly terrible one. She ends at home alone in Park Slope, hardly caring if she wakes up at all. But the next morning, she finds herself suddenly loved and adored by everyone. At first Beth thinks it’s a cruel practical joke…until the whole of New York City falls to their knees in worship. rt paragraphs.

A dark comedy gender swap series in which sexist female bosses interview aspiring young male employees. Inspired by real incidents involving male bosses and female employees.

Episode 1: Helpess
A female version of Harvey Weinstein puts a young, “Helpless” male actor through an unorthodox audition process.

Inspired by 90s genre shows like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, Demon Doctor is an LGBT story about a portly demonologist and a detective who believes in the beyond teaming up to confront the mysteries lurking beneath the surface... 

"It's early John Waters"-  Buzzfeed

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